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Lock Repair

It is estimated that lock repair can prolong the lifespan of your bolts and ensure a higher level of security. It’s not surprising at all that FC Locksmith Calgary often recommends to its customers such services since they will make a great difference to their security. There’s not always need to replace or rekey locks. We have the expertise to advise you about the needs of your locks and that’s why we like to evaluate their condition periodically and draw our own conclusions. This way, we can protect you from sudden problems or the costly installation of a new bolt. Our services have the meaning of preventing problems but we can also solve them.

Experienced personnel for all types of locks

When the door does not lock properly, contact our company for immediate assistance. The door is affected by the weather conditions and may warp. Consequently, the bolt may lose alignment with the strike plate and you will have a hard time locking the door. Customers in Alberta have reported that they have tried to lock their doors and although they heard the characteristic sound of the bolt, the door wasn’t locked. We solve these problems and similar ones with any competent of any lock. From loose and bent strike plates and knobs to problematic, damaged or rusty cylinders we can repair your locks efficiently.

24/7 lock repair services

Our 24 hour teams at FC Locksmith in Calgary will fix any problem with the lock mechanism and rest assured that we can repair any lock of any door, window, garage door or cabinet. We are experts in all types of locks and promise to fix the lock button, the mounting plate or the damaged spring clip with efficiency. We are careful, well-trained and work with the best equipment on the market covering the lock repair needs of all residents in Calgary.

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