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Home Security: What Do We Do Wrong?

hide a keySometimes, we are under the impression that we have taken the right precautions and our home is well-secured. Then someone breaks-in and we are just left there wondering how did that happen? FC Locksmith Calgary can assure you that home security is not an easy matter.

It involves a great deal of knowledge and constant updating with the newest burglar deterrents and security door locks. It also requires great precautions, excellent lock installation and wise choices on a daily basis.

Of course, we must be fair here! You may install the best dead bolts in the market and keep your mind in the security of the whole property but you must never forget that if someone is determined to enter your house, he possibly will. Perpetrators with specific targets and for specific reasons have patience. They will just wait till you make this tiny mistake, which will lead them right into your home. Though, your ultimate goal is to take measures in order to discourage them. Nobody can be perfect or become neurotic over security matters. You just have to do your best and keep in mind that nine out of ten intruders always look for the easiest way in. So, make your house the least desirable target!

8 simple ways to keep the house secured

Your intention should be to close all security gaps, secure your house well daily and upgrade the security system.
• Start by having the old or even damaged locks replaced. If your locks are relatively new, just remember that it’s good to get updated with the latest lock systems and often upgrade yours.
• Do you have dead bolts in all entries? A common mistake is that we install top security locks at doors and forget all about windows. We often neglect secondary doors, too. All entry points must have good bolts, especially at the ground floor of the house.
• Of course, don’t make the mistake to leave the first floor French doors and windows without good locks.
• Also make sure they are locked well. We often fall in the trap of feeling reassured with deadbolt installation but our real security will also be subject on whether we will lock the doors and windows.
• The secret is not to leave the windows or doors open just because you are sitting to the next room and definitely don’t leave the house keys on the table next to openings.
• When you buy new and expensive stuff, don’t throw their boxes in the trash. It’s best to put them in black bags first.
• It’s vital to remember that the best locks in the world might have some problems occasionally. Lock repair must take place as soon as possible or you might find one day that the door won’t lock.
• Of course, it’s needless to say that keys must not be hidden in the garden and it’s always helpful to install as many thief deterrents as possible.
Such small and big ideas on how to keep the house secure can really save you from trouble and intrusions. Don’t forget that perpetrators hate hard work!


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