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Client Testimonials

My electronic car key recently stopped working. My spare was nowhere to be seen. I contacted the dealership to see if they knew how to get it working. They directed me to the manufacturer’s customer services department, who told me that I would need to send them the key for repair. I asked how long this would take, and was dismayed to find it would be about two weeks. I couldn’t live without my car for two weeks. I did a quick search on the internet and found out that the transponder key (which is what they’re apparently called) can be reprogrammed, and that a trained locksmith could do the job. I found FC Locksmith through a search engine and sure enough they sent out a guy to fix my key. He used some kind of computer and it all looked very technical, but at the end of the day my car was up and running again. These guys really know what they’re doing.

~ Simon P.

FC Locksmith helped me to repair a broken lock on my apartment door. It took very little time and there was no mess. The price was reasonable as well.

~ Stacy M.

I recently locked myself out of the house. I shoulder-barged the door in because it was late at night and damaged the lock in the process. I called FC Locksmith the next day and they came out to repair it. It didn’t cost a lot but the locksmith said it would have been cheaper to have called them straightaway. They could have picked the lock without causing damage. Lesson learned.

~ Hank V.

FC Locksmith visited my commercial property in downtown Calgary after thieves broke in looking to rob the cash register. The locksmith managed to fix all of the damage created and replace the locks which had been savaged with a screwdriver. I give my full recommendation to these locksmiths. Top guys.

~ Seth M.

If you’re ever in need of a replacement key or lock, let me direct you to FC Locksmith. These guys were great when my door was damaged in an attempted burglary. Quick. Reliable. And reasonably priced.

~ Mary N.

Managed to lose the key to my garage last week. No idea where it went. Bermuda Triangle probably. Anyway. Called these guys and they sent a locksmith to sort me out after just 20 minutes. He pick locked his way into the garage in no time whatsoever. Not knowing where the key was, I asked for the lock to be changed. This was quick as well. Would definitely use again.

~ Paul E.

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