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Lost or Broken Key Replacement

There is no doubt that keys play a crucial role to your security and this is the basic reason why they must be taken care of and not be left unattended. When they are misplaced, stolen or broken, there is a high chance you will find yourself locked out of your property but rest assured that your problems will be solved thanks to the fast intervention of FC Locksmith Calgary. We are familiar with the characteristics of all types of keys and experts in lost or broken key replacement. Owning the most modern equipment in Alberta you can definitely ensure immediate and top quality services.

Immediate broken key replacement

There is a good reason why our company advises its customers to change keys often. Old ones will start showing signs of wear, have slight distortions and possibly lock you out. You’ll be faced with similar consequences if the keys break due to old age but you can be sure that our experts specialize in broken key replacement. Our intervention is immediate and we have the equipment to extract the broken key from the lock carefully. Our vans carry the required machinery for their immediate replacement and you can be sure that we have the expertise to replace keys of briefcases, drawers, doors, cabinets and also your transponder key.

We replace car keys as well

The services of FC Locksmith in Calgary are carried out by professional and experienced personnel that can be very helpful during emergencies as well. When you lock yourself out of the vehicle, you can rely on our car locksmith expertise to replace the lost key of your car immediately. When your trunk is locked and the key is missing, we also provide immediate 24 hour emergency services. We make new keys fast and promise immediate work with top equipment and by well-trained specialists in Calgary.

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